The Augsburg-born artist has lived in Frankfurt am Main since his Diploma in 2012. He taught himself drawing and painting in his childhood, as he only had his grandmother Frida with gifted drawing skills in his family. However, since JOMA's grandmother limited himself solely to promoting naturalistic drawing, he began to experiment with abstract and compositional techniques at an early age. In between he sharpened his skills with paid jobs in landscape paintings and portraits. In 2014, however, he decided to stop working on commissions to continue creating his works in the neo-expressionist style. JOMA finally found his style in the confrontation with transience, which since then has attracted him the way it repels him. A pictorial language emerged that can be found in the first animal motifs as well as in the compositions and alienated situation art.

Moody protagonists stand in fragile surroundings. They seem to be aware of decay and accept their fate lethargically.

Joma has already attracted considerable attention in the Rhine-Main region and beyond.

His works are owned in private collections in Hesse and Switzerland. 


Creatures // painting by JOMA
Creatures // painting by JOMA
Biggest Painting Size 236'' x 177'' (6m x 4,5m) // Acrylics on Canvas
Che Guevara // painting by JOMA